For the love of beer

What’s your favourite?

Six-packs are a great way to enjoy beer.  Here you will find customized six-packs based on my favourite beer reviews.  Give them a try!

Valentine’s Six Pack

You have less than one day to find your sweetheart that perfect Valentine's Day gift.  So why not mix things up this year?  Try some brews that are dark, smooth, chocolatey and semi-sweet instead of your usual chocolate treat. Here is a perfect six-pack to charm the...

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My Top Six Picks from 2014

Friends! I have to say that I really struggled pulling together my ‘best of list’ from the 2014 reviews. There are so many great beers out there, so I tried to pick a good variety of styles and types, while ensuring they are delicious drinks. I hope you have a chance...

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My Top Six Picks from 2013

Hi friends!Today I am creating a six-pack for you of my favourites from the 2013 reviews.  I hope you have a chance to go out and give them a try!6. Royal Jamaican's Ginger Beer.  This beer is everything a ginger beer should be.  It is sweet and spicy.  A refreshing...

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My Top Picks from Winter 2015 - Coming Soon!

My Top Picks from Spring - Coming Soon!