When I had my first sour beer, I didn’t even know.  It was a Lambic.  Not long after I had another, it was a Gose.  I still had know idea about this whole genre known as sour beer.  I just thought these were interesting, unique, and enjoyable brews.

Fast forward to a beer tasting in 2014 – I discover that sour beers are their own style!  This got me curious and I realized that I needed to explore more.

New Belgium’s 2014 La Folie Sour Brown Ale was one I needed to add to my list.  This beer has flavours of tart fruits and sour apples.  It is a very really tangy drink!  Almost reminds me of an appletini – sweet and sour. Ok, mostly sour.  This is a good beer, however a bottle retails for about $17, which I find rather expensive (I actually saw this on sale for more than $20 at one establishment!).

If you haven’t had a sour beer yet, you should. They are tart and may make your face pucker upon first sip.  Not your usual brew.

La Folie

Colour: amber brown

Nose: definite hints of sour of sour fruit

Flavour: tart and sour