Phillips Brewery Citricity Grapefruit IPA

I love a bright citrusy IPA and Phillips delivers a great one with Citricity! This brew has a fresh grapefruit aroma setting the stage for a zesty flavour showcasing a strong grapefruit peel juiciness.  The bitterness of the hops is well complemented by the fruitless,...

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Stanley Park Brewery Noble Pilsner

Special guest blogger Malty Mitch reviews Stanley Park Brewery's Noble Pilsner. Stanley Park Brewery Noble Pilsner. Golden colour. Light frothy head that quickly falls. Very drinkable on a hot summer day. Nice session pilsner. Drink cold. The new labeling is a nice...

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Granville Island Brewing Lions Summer Ale

It's summertime!  It's plus 30 degrees and the sunshine is sparkling. What a great time to grab a refreshing Lions Summer Ale from Granville Island Brewing. Bright in sunshine itself, the vibrant yellow glows with a lovely refreshing flavour that is surprisingly tart...

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