So let me start off this blog by saying that my list of places to drink in San Francisco barely scratches the surface of all the available places to check out.

It’s also perhaps the most expensive city I’ve ever drank in, so make sure to put a little extra money in your travel beer budget.

Enjoy your trip and I hope my experience helps you along your way!

Beer Hall

This cozy establishment is a good walking distance from the tourist area of Union Square and tucked away on a little side road.  It offers a tasty menu of beers that are rotated.

Grab a table and order at the bar.

While it’s small, it’s also busy. Order more than one thing to be efficient.  We had a flight of Paradox sour beers and the Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra Bourbon Barrelled Aged Stout.  All great choices!

Mikkeller Bar

I was so excited when I found out there was a Mikkeller Bar in SFO since they have so many epic brews.

Sadly I left being less of a fan given how surprising unfriendly the staff were.

We stayed for one tasty drink, I had the Mastodon Mother Puncher, then we bolted looking for friendlier venues.

Fort Point Beer Co.

Conveniently located at the ferry terminal, allowing commuters to easily pick up growlers on their way home, Fort Point is a great stop.

I enjoyed their Villager IPA while relaxing in the evening sunshine.


Great little place to grab a tasty brew and a meal.  They have a very impressive craft beer menu and very friendly bar staff.

I enjoyed a Lagunitas Aunt Sally Sour here, which was quite tasty.  What I wanted to try was the Almanac Vanilla Cherry but given it was $11 USD for 9 oz, I just couldn’t justify the money, especially considering the conversion rate to Canadian dollars.  I’m still wondering what I missed.


Here I had a flight that included Paradise Pucker, Straight Outta Newport IPA, Chocolate Stout, and Palo Alto Brewing Side Hustle Sour.  I was impressed that I could try other local beers in addition to Rogue’s.

The atmosphere was super casual, the staff were lovely, and I enjoyed my drinks.  What could be better, right?

Hopwater Distribution

This may have been my favourite place.  I went here maybe three or four times, and it was conveniently located near my hotel.

I had a Marin Chill Haze IPA, it was good but fairly boozy.  They also have cask beers so I also enjoyed The Smell from the Social Kitchen & Brewery.  It was a great tasting cask IPA.  There were a few other beers of course, but I didn’t take careful notes.

This is a great establishment, with great staff, and great beer.

Sessions at the Presidio

Escape the busyiness of the city to a park setting and enjoy a pint on a lovely patio.

I had a refreshing Altamont Beer Works Berry White.

Beautiful patio in a perfect setting.

San Francisco Brewing Co

This brewery has a outdoor beer garden located in Ghiradelli Square, close to Fisherman’s Ward.

What I loved about this place, even more than the Tropical Pineapple IPA, was the live music.  There was a fantastic singer keeping us well entertained as we enjoyed the sunshine and beer.

Do you have recommendations for SFO?  Share your comments below.  Cheers!