You have less than one day to find your sweetheart that perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  So why not mix things up this year?  Try some brews that are dark, smooth, chocolatey and semi-sweet instead of your usual chocolate treat.

Here is a perfect six-pack to charm the beer lover in your life.

  1. Saugatuck Brewing’s Neapolitan Milk Stout:  In this brew, you get to enjoy the elements of neapolitan ice-cream.  You can’t miss the aroma and flavours of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla in this delightful stout.
  2. Stanley Park Brewery’s Ice Breaker Winter Ale: This brew pours a nice dark brown and has a malt cherry aroma.  The flavours are big – cherry and chocolate with a coffee finish.  It is so delicious!
  3. Moylan Brewery’s Chelsea Moylan’s Porter:  This porter starts out with chocolate on the palate with a bit of bubbly carbonation and ends with flavours of espresso.  It is not too malty, with nice sweet characteristics.
  4. Alameda Brewing Co’s Black Bear XX Stout: While it pours dark and thick like motor oil, the flavours are not overwhelming or intense.  There are hints of sweet chocolate and a subtleness bitter coffee.
  5. Tenaya Creek Brewery’s Imperial: This stout pours thick and creamy.  It has an interesting mix of flavours  that dance off the palate, dark malts and creamy caramel.  There is a roasty finish with a touch of bitterness. There is almost a dessert like quality to this beer.
  6. Wild Rose Brewery’s Cherry Porter: This porter is creamy with accents of cherry and chocolate.  Sweet, malty, and delicious, this beer warms you up.


from Cheryl's beer Blog